Men’s Ties & Accessories in Bountiful, UT

It’s the little things that really bring an outfit together—especially when it comes to formal attire. Your shoes need to match your belt, socks need to match your shoes and cufflinks need to match your jacket. If you need accessories or aren’t sure where to start, come to Latter Day Suits & Formal Affair.
We carry a huge selection of men’s shoes, ties, cufflinks, belts and much more—our selection is one of the best in Bountiful, UT! We’ll make sure you come away with the pieces to complete your ensemble and your formal look.

Men’s shoes

The right shoes are the finishing touch on any formal outfit. We carry men’s shoes in a variety of styles and sizes. From black and brown, to monk strap and classic wingtip, regardless of your shoe size, you’ll step out of our shop in shoes that feel great on your feet.

Men’s ties

Choose from classic plain color ties, striped options, checkered, patterned and more. Our selection of men’s ties includes different materials and lengths too, so your tie fits you as well as everything else you’re wearing.

Men’s cufflinks

Cufflinks are the perfect finishing touch on your formal outfit. We carry one of the best selections of men’s cufflinks in Bountiful, UT. When you need to dress to impress, we’ll make sure you’re wearing a pair of cufflinks that looks spectacular.

Men’s belts

Get rid of that old reversible belt and get one that’s regal, stylish and perfect for your formal apparel. We carry men’s belts in a variety of styles, in black and brown, in your choice of buckle.

Men’s socks

Socks are a small detail, but an important one when it comes to rounding out your formalwear ensemble. Here, you’ll find socks in a variety of colors and lengths, in materials that are comfortable and stylish.

Make every detail of your formal attire count

Latter Day Suits & Formal Affair brings you shoes, socks, belts, ties, cufflinks and more, to complete your best look. Stop into our shop if you’re in Bountiful, Centerville, Wood Cross, or Salt Lake City, UT today to browse our selection of men’s ties, shoes, suits, dress pants, and more, or contact us at 801-298-3635 if you’re looking for something in particular.